Ladies Office and Business Bags - A Buying Guide

Looking and feeling the part is important to many of us, and this is often even more important when we go to work. Feeling great can give us a boost in confidence and this can lead to a more productive and efficient day at work.

Ladies work bags are a popular accessory for those who work in a range of work environments, especially those who work in an office, and they provide so much more than your average ladies handbag would. Ladies leather work bags are designed with the working women in mind; this means there is enough space for a tablet or laptop, documents and files - plus the everyday things you would want in a handbag.

Types of Ladies Work Bags

There are three main types of ladies work bags, all of which we stock at All are equally popular, but provide very different styles and uses.


Red Leather Tote Bag  Tote style work bags - Tote bags are sophisticated, stylish and perfect for women at work. They have enough space for a small laptop or tablet, can accommodate A4 sized documents and many have separate smaller pockets for mobile phones, planners and other bits and bobs. Tote bags are often viewed as being a more casual bag than the standard ladies work handbags are, but this need not be the case and many of the tote bags we recommend are equally professional and sophisticated.


Business style ladies briefcases - Business bags are designed to be durable whilst also being great to look at. Like the tote and handbag style bags, leather business bags are large enough to accommodate everything you need without being bulky and make it easy to stay organised. These bags are the most professional looking of all the three types of ladies work bags, as they are smooth and clean in both design and shape.


Briefcase Style Leather Handbag  Handbag style work bags - For those who wish to disguise their work bag as something more fashionable, a handbag style bag could be ideal. These bags look similar to a standard handbag but come with everything you would want from a functional and practical work bag; they provide space for all the work necessities, separate compartments for organisation and are extremely durable. 


Buy Your Ladies Work Bag

If you are in need of a ladies work bag or are interested in treating yourself to a newer accessory for work, take a look at a our wide range of bags. Whether you are interested in a tote, a handbag or a business bag we have it covered.


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